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take it back before it goes wrong.

Here stood someone, someone dark and mysterious. Those who lay their eyes upon this, would end up as stoned. Devilish as it might sound, it was real because before the people was the epitome of destruction. Those who were touched, their lives ended up destroyed and left in ruins. Yet, the people never knew what it looked like, for it seemed to be someone normal, someone unsuspecting. However, the life it claimed seem to affect all those around. The circle of friends and family. There was one set of friends that were most affected it was told. For one of them so loved the one whose life it had taken. The repurcussions of the loss affected the other two friends in ways, many do not know. After this incident, one made a vow. That he would not let anything happen to his other two friends, he would protect them as much as he could. Laying down his life for the one loved, the one person that mattered the most to him. That girl, was one of those two left in his circle. Nothing would befall her, for he protected her with his life.

When will it leave? Why did it come and wreak havoc upon the people? That was the cry of the people, and everyone felt the same way. It had affected many, yet many stayed silent. Fear had taken over, and the people did not know what to do.

Time heals and finally, it left the people of this town. Ventured away to the fields that abound far off, never to return. Legend has told that the moment it left, peace was restored and the town breathed an air of freshness and relief. For there began the foundation of life anew, the start of something all over again. The people were happy now, since that departure things became better and all was good throughout the land.

Kill it wouldn't you.
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