February 8th, 2011

in the ayer

individuals at two different ends of the spectrum

 In life, everything requires balance. Without balance, there is no stability. In order to have our life in order, we need to have stability. Thus, balance is one of the most important keys to life. That being said, we tend to meet people, sometimes weird, sometimes special, that will amaze us. It might be in a good way, it might not. However, I have learnt that there will always be two people that you know, who will go after the same guy, but yet, in terms of character and personality, be totally different from each other. 

Girl numero uno, one who is mightily gifted but yet her mentality does not equate to her age and ends up negating that admirable but not essential trait. Then again, who am I to judge? They say age does not determine one's maturity level, and that my friends, is clearly evident here. 

Girl numero dos, one who is much more matured as compared to the previous girl, eloquent in her speech but yet, is much older than the guy she is chasing. Sadly, a negative factor in what could be the "model" girl for the guy. 

When these two go head to head, it is quite hard to determine who the "winner" could be. Both having their individual plus points as well as their negative ones. However, I believe that "all's fair in love and war" and that  no matter how the outcome could be, one should never backstab the other, nor should either one bad-mouth the other just to get "ahead" in terms of the competition. What one of these girls doesn't know, is that doing such a thing will ultimately undermine your chances and abilities in "chasing" the guy and not only does it not do you any benefits, it outrightly shows the shallowness of one's character. Going to that extent of sabotaging the others chances is definitely not the right thing to do. 

Something I must add before I end, these two girls are actual friends. And who is putting up a facade and who isn't, that is up to you to see and guess. It is sad because one does not know the deeds that the other have done, but yet, still treat the other as an equal. Not seeking to take advantage by underhand means, but by fair play. That is a something that I truly admire. The mark of a true lady lies not in what she does when there are people around to see, but when she does the right thing, even though no one is watching.

Choices in life are hard my friend. Sometimes, the most important ones that we decide upon, can also be the most painful.  

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