February 23rd, 2011


Decisions, decisions.

 There always comes a point in our lives when we need to make big decisions. Some of which may alter our paths of destiny entirely. However, it is these decisions that make life, as they say, life. And in life, we have to learn to always see things from both ends of the spectrum. The two ends of the spectrum, or in this context, we can say, the two extremes of decision-making. We have decisions whereby we can choose whether to have a simple meal, or an exquisite one. We also have decisions that aren’t entirely simple; yet, we also face the possibility that the outcome of this decision or choice can change things around us, in small and big ways.

The choice to pursue a degree or career overseas is one fine example of such a decision. It affects potentially the next 3 to 10 years ahead of us, and is it something that we can look back and say we were proud of doing? The choice to chase the guy or girl of our dreams, in spite of competition, that is something that requires superior judgment, whether or not, this person is worth chasing. We also have to look at the “competition” that is involved. That will also determine what the odds are and whether theoretically you actually stand a chance.

I love the saying, “all’s fair in love and war” and yes, I believe it is true. It is not always the “handsome or gorgeous” or the “charming or alluring”, well neither is it the “wealthy” that will always get the girl, or the guy. However, these above traits are factors that one will take into consideration. Whether or not we succeed with these traits or not are not ours to judge. It is the party we are chasing, whether or not they are “touched” by our sincerity or all our efforts in pursuing them. I have seen many situations whereby a girl chooses the guy that is overweight, rather than the one that looks decently fit. And I must add that the girl is nowhere in the “fat-zone”. Thus, personality in this case, triumphed over looks. Everyone has a fair chance this is my firm belief. And how we make use of our chances. Don’t be intimidated by the competition, whoever they are. If David can defeat Goliath, what are our odds then? Prove yourself worthy and I believe we will not be let down by our efforts. Sometimes it is not what we did that is wrong, but yet it is whom we did it for that really matters.

A round peg can never fit into a square hole. Once you’ve got that figured out, stop trying to fit in where you don’t belong, but yet, try again somewhere else. You’ll never know, you might be surprised that the next person you chat up could be the round hole you’ve been looking for. It never hurts to try, make sure that at the end of the day, it is a joyful process of pursuit; one that brings more joy then despair, because if it’s the other way around, we will have a big problem. I really believe in the ”round peg square hole” theory and that does not mean you don’t try, but instead, you move on when your gut tells you, “this ain’t gonna work”.

Save yourself from the hurt of rejection, it is something a good person does not deserve. Yet so often, people whom I love get hurt and end up on the wrong end of the relationship with someone else. These are the kind of things I wish to avoid seeing because I know the pain that one goes through. One that should be avoided at all costs.

Be brave friends. Never be afraid to chase your dreams and ambitions. Make the wise choices and I believe happiness will be at the end of your “rainbow”.

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