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CNY twenty-eleven.

 Hello one and all! Happy Lunar New Year to everybody seeing this!
Hope that we will all have a very prosperous time this week, and that everyone will have increases in their bank accounts!

Lunar New Year, the time of year when people gather round, mingle and drink, eat and catch-up. The only time of year that gives reason for such a gathering like this. Festivities aside, of which not many do happen; apart from the collection of red-packets. This is the opportunity we all are presented with, whether we like it or not, to meet up with family and relatives which we don't usually see on a daily basis. 

Thus, take this opportunity with open hands, and (not forgetting) open wallets, as we move a step closer to building better relationships or to repair damaged bridges. This is our time, make full use of it!

And as the Chinese saying goes, "HUAT AH"! 


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