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in light of human activity

In a society filled with pretentious people, one can only hope that they are not one of them. With that being said, putting on masks can become a daily routine, one that should be taken seriously, never forgetting to remove what you have placed onto your "face", lest you forget who you were entirely (spoke briefly about this in one of the previous posts). Facades come and go. Well so do people. People go through many phases in life, from birth to death and everything in between. Like from getting attached, to breaking up,  find achievements and seeing failures. These events are part and parcel of our daily lives.

What we need to understand is the significance of these events. How important they are and their repercussions. There is always hype when one gets attached, from the many "likes" on the change in relationship status on facebook, to the many congratulations on a foreseeable happy ending. We do no realize the expectations that are being placed onto the shoulders of the couple, that very moment the "status" changes. To know the expectations, be it "treat her well!" or "may you be happy always", that is a separate issue compared to fulfilling those expectations. 

That being said, when the expectations are not met within a relationship, one of two things could happen. One: a fight/argument ensues between the couple, with things like "you didn't do this" or "you forgot that", being thrown around like meatloaf in a food-fight. Two: the couple reach an impasse and seek to resolve their differences and aim to meet each others expectations once again, with either or both parties giving and taking to ensure happiness at both ends.

When a relationship ends, many things happen. Yes, life goes on. Yes, it will be hard to forget the painful memories that are attached to that person. And yes, there are always repercussions, like there are in every situation. Both parties will feel hurt for a certain period of time, and that period of "mourning" defers in each individual. Some taking longer than others. Who are crucial in times like these? FRIENDS. And it is these friends that ensure the "safety" of the person hurting. To give the one hurting time to recover, to give them "love" and care, and to make sure that they are okay. It is in this "counsel" of friendship that the hurt seems less painful with every passing day, and it is also because of these friends that one can start to be themselves again. 

However, there will always be conflicts between the mutual friends of the couple. Disagreements of the way he or she was treated, how they felt it was unfair for a certain party, and also anger towards the "hurter". These responses are common and are only natural as friends seek to defend and protect each other. Thus, one should not worry of the treatment they might or might not receive from those mutual friends. Only unless they have something to fear. Break-ups are part and parcel of life, because if a couple does not work out, this is the best solution. However, one would only have something to fear when despite not being able to make things work, the treatment of either party was not how a boy treats a girl, or how a girl treats a boy. Unless something bad happened that cannot be revealed, lest the integrity or reputation will be tarnished. Then, be afraid. Be very afraid. The looks you will get, will follow you around, and those that know the situation, will probably be unified in their "looks" towards you. 

I guess, the only way to resolve this is to seek forgiveness and understanding. That will not erase things, but at least it will make things right. There on out, there will at least be closure of this matter and then, there will be no need to fear over the way people look at you, because from how I see it, you have done what you needed to do. Everything else is up to those individuals themselves. If you were an ass towards he or she, just admit it. Because no matter how far or how fast you run, it will always come back to haunt you, wherever you go.




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