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at the crossroads in everyday living.

Everyday of our lives, things happen. Well, we could say that people happen. Everywhere we go, we will meet people. In everything we do (well mostly, everything), we are bound to meet people. Yet, how we treat these people can reflect on ourselves and our characters. You'll never know, that girl you bumped into at the station could be one, your future boss, or two, your future wife (but let's not get carried away). You can say that these things usually only happen in the movies, but well, stranger things have happened haven't they? 

Thus as we begin each and every day, let us try to be "nice" to a certain degree. Even if the train is "packed like sardines" and that person (from countries I shall not name) decides to suddenly run in, when clearly there isn't enough space to squeeze, control that inner anger. Do what I do! "Tweet" about it! At least that takes a certain edge of the situation. 

Being nice can sometimes be quite a challenge. Especially when the people you work with being of no help at all, but instead, adding to your problems. I have learnt that by writing down the "problem", or "tweet-ing" it, we are able to let go of that anger faster than if we hold onto it and carry on with our day. Make "love", not war. Remember, let go, and let God. 



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