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in the deep crevices of the inner man.

Where there is darkness, there will not be light. Where there is hatred, love is not found. When paranoia sinks in, peace and serenity will seem so far away. Life isn't easy, and in a world where nothing can be taken from granted, we humans still tend to do so. Even when we know how we should't, we still do, be it knowingly or not. It is an aspect of our lives that is hard to control. Starting of from a point of inconvenience and discomfort, we move closer and closer to what we like to call, our "comfort-zone" and it is within this particular zone that well, as the name puts it across as clear as crystal, we feel "comfortable". Be it with who we are, or be it with the friends around us.

Transitions are always part of parcel of a new phase of life. It is not something that will drag us out of the place we were once comfortable in, to somewhere "unknown", bringing us to a threshold of new beginnings. Man has never been a huge fan of new beginnings. Look at one of the "restarts" in history, when God had to send Jesus to "replace" Adam, who kind of messed things up for the rest of us. That new beginning must not have been easy, but yet, we always manage to grow accustomed to our "losses", be it in our friendships, or the things we sacrifice. And from that point on, move towards something greater and a step closer to making a difference somewhere, somehow. 

The final stage of every transition is the part when we "settle" down. When we move from our original place of comfort, to a place of adjustments, and from there, we go right back to the former, but yet, it is in the latter. In the sense that, we start to settle down, back into a place of comfort. Albeit it being a "new" place of comfort. This is where in friendships, new or old do problems start to be planted into the new "soil". In a scenario of the classroom, where there is a new class, new friends, new teachers, new adjustments. Yes it will take awhile to grow accustomed to the environment and the timeframe for each individual will differ accordingly. Fast-forward two months, new friends become classmates, new teachers become lecturers and these new adjustments become our new comfort-zone. This is where will start to see the problems that lie within that very zone we are comfortable in. 

As classmates, we know who is easy, who is nice. Who we can "take advantage" of and who doesn't give a rat's ass (pardon the language, I find the contrast quite fitting personally). That is where we start to "exploit" those who we categorize as "nice and easy". We start to know their patterns, their likes and dislikes and how we go about "using" them. When it comes to projects, we know who will put in their blood, sweat and tears and who will not. That being said, we can start to go about asking for help as if they have nothing better to do and "stand-by" awaiting our requests for help. 

I hope you get the picture, and know what we as humans tend to do when we are too comfortable in that zone with others. This is the problems that could possibly occur in a foreseeable future, and now that we know it. Pay more attention to our every beck and call, and make sure that when we do seek help, we do not do so just because we know the other party will definitely oblige to our request. People can be nice, yes that is a fact. However, taking advantage of people isn't. Remember, just because you're "buddies" with someone, that doesn't give you the right to "micro-manage" his or her life. 

Always keep this is mind. Appreciation is the key to building a meaningful friendship. Trust is also important, but without appreciation, it is like leaving a flower in the desert without giving it water. It will survive, but the question there is, "for how long?". Don't ride a person's head and expect him to come asking you to climb aboard over and over again, because I'm afraid your "luck" will surely run out. 



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