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i really don't like you.

"A four letter word not meant for evil, but simple as this may be, it takes a whole lot of heart to maximize LOVE to all it's potential."

Ever thought about someone you cared about for so long, that it made you wonder whether it was worth thinking so much about the person, whether you were in their thoughts as much as they were in yours? It's funny sometimes how simple the human mind but yet, all the creativity and imagination that flows through what we call, the brain surpasses all understanding. Nothing else seems to top the brain's simple and yet detailed build-up, but yes, there is one other and that is the heart.

The simple element of beating and transportation of blood in and out around the body is what we would call this HEART technically. However, every feeling we have, always seems to come, from the heart. How is this organ that beats, yet again produce so much hatred OR love towards other when the circumstances arrive. In retrospect, I believe that before the technology and before the fast-paced economy, we were without the stiff competition from one another, and hatred did not seem so visible. Thus, the world has changed, and so have the people in it, the symptoms? Unkindness to the weak, having selfish thoughts only to ones benefit and most of all, jealously that only brings about hatred and contempt.

Times have changed, and so have Man. We have to fight against this, and not let the darkness of this world take over us, our body, soul and mind. For if this happens, the world will cease to be a better place. The only things that bloom will be one, of a dark and hideous nature. Who are we to blame when such things arise? Ourselves, for we did not choose to fight this. We chose to live in comfort and not be the one to rise up and make the change. Wherever we are, darkness will always be around and we have to fight that. In our schools or workplaces, there will be people out there who will sow a seed of hatred unless we have our own defence against it. That is to fight it, and take the high road and not always go with the flow.

Moving along with everyone one else, is like being captive and ready to die, one by one since everyone else is taking this death route together. There is no point fighting against this unless you want to prove a point, and till that day comes, we just go with the flow. How do we fight this darkness? There is one and only one cure, the vaccination or antidote to this darkness; love.

Love will surpass all, and love through the beating of our hearts can beat this darkness. Through this love, shall the darkness cease and the light shine through just like before. The only difference this time is that, the love needed comes from one who is willing, one who will share the pain and joy with others, one that will stay with your rise as well as your fall. That is love, care and concern all in one. That love, can only be found in certain places or shall we say, people. To us, people matter. Who we attract to us, whose recognition do we earn? Yes, I know that people matter, but to me, what matters most is that MY matter, matters to people. The people in my life and in yours have to be like the emergency button in every hospital room. One that is at all times ready to be there, without hesitation and without a doubt, a true friend. That is when we know, our friend's love is true. That our friend will always be there and that gives us security. That makes us see the love whether the love is needed or not.

Sometimes needless to say, we find this hard to find. True friends come in small packages and are not sold wholesale. Just like, a Gucci bag going under a 100 bucks but worth 10 times more, we have to treasure that friend, when we do or have found him/her to the maximum for once it is gone, it's a long way back home.

You can count your life on true friends and true friends only, for they will stand by you when the going gets tough. The normal friends will be long gone by then. Choose wisely, and even though we find strength in numbers, one true friend's love is more than a thousand's normal friendship.
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